2017 in ‘THE USA’ (A SciFi Thriller Book) with BrAmStOcKeR For FAKE PUNK (= HOUSE) Debut Album: The Press Release From New York By Frederic VIDAL Who Is Also Mike FULLER!

April 7, 2017

2017 in ‘THE USA’ (A SciFi Thriller Book) with BrAmStOcKeR For FAKE PUNK (= HOUSE) Debut Album: The Press Release From New York By Frederic VIDAL Who Is Also Mike FULLER!

EDITORIAL for this Blog only!

Thank you, BrAmStOcKeR fans, this is it: FAKE PUNK will be our breakthrough in America because we deserve it. The new lineup is about the concept of John and Yoko and Paul with Linda. The BEATLES were the band that had the best SOCIAL CONTENT of the world of POP MUSIC. Us, like David BOWIE who passed away last year, we have to be specialized in crossovers, now about HOUSE MUSIC and PUNK ROCK. With the DJ and Porn Star Jessie ANDREWS, we have the chance of our life. I did not really like the movie industry but FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN will be released by DISNEY and our album by SONY if we are smart enough to understand we are already well know my music industry and our TWITTER ACCOUNT https://fredvidal.wordpress is upscale, underground and compulsory for WASHINGTON and HOLLYWOOD. Blake LIVELY, my muse of the 2000’s will be invited to the premiere of our CD 2 titles in a demo mode with the songs ‘P.M.U.R.T.’ and ‘My song is like a Hamburger’. Meanwhile, I am the SHADOW PRESIDENT of Donald TRUMP, located in New York, close to the power of DC. This is like George who was fighting for the rights of the poor with DARK HORSE Records. We have our APPLE records that is the label TIMefraMES records powered by the nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department) that is the draft of a Secretary of the Arts of the US government.

Sincerely yours,

Frederic VIDAL aka Mike FULLER


In 1984, I was DJ and radio host at RADIO BAIE DES ANGES, in Nice, France and I used to sing backstage this song of the album TONIGHT by David BOWIE: LOVING THE ALIEN. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonight_(David_Bowie_album)


2017 in THE USA with BrAmStOcKeR.

by Mike FULLER (aka Frederic VIDAL).

Before BrAmStOcKeR’s FAKE PUNK debut album, there is in New York the FRENCH COP and the Shadow President.

After 40 years ‘off the record’, the 1977 punk band decides to mix house & rock for a commercial breakthrough. Frederic VIDAL, BrAmStOcKeR’s founder, is also Mike FULLER in the other dimension, US-A.

Part 1. Comment of a New York Times article.

In France, nothing new. My project of VIIth Republic is accelerating the change of the future 51st State, the Country of LAFAYETTE and NAPOLEON. In WASHINGTON, the new WATERLOO was in March for the Republicains against TRUMP and me, the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

Mike FULLER, political nickname of Frederic VIDAL.

Postscript. BrAmStOcKEr is an INTERNATIONAL BAND, French and American but also British and even RUSSIAN thanks to our connection with The PUSSY RIOTS. We are sad after the attack against the subway in St PETERSBURG. The RUSSIANGATE is obviously the first step of the IMPEACHMENT of a President we nickname P.M.U.R.T.  He won’t be judged alone but with his partners: CLINTON, OBAMA, BUSH and others. French politicians who were against my US Presidential candidacy in 2016 will also be prosecuted in NEW YORK for this lawsuit, nicknamed NUREMBERG 2: HOLLANDE, SARKOSY, ESTROSI, CIOTTI.

More social content:

Maybe, it won’t be something else than a DRAFT if the SOCIAL AND POLITICAL JUSTICE decides to support an EVOLUTION that cannot be a real REVOLUTION but a FAKE ONE, like our album FAKE PUNK is promoting the concept of RELATIVITY. Let’s be careful and ambitious like JULIUS CAESAR with CLEOPATRA. He was the real Founder of the ROMAN EMPIRE. 

I am changing my environment, my context, my universe, my structure and my system: the United Nations, ACD (American Cultures Department), FRENCH COP, BrAmStOcKeR, TIMefraMES are the new values and concepts I imposed to myself. My favorite function is 2X x Y/2 = Z. It’s the right dimension for our life on Earth and New Earth after 2025. SciFi is creative and flexible to understand.

Part 2. Email to the music producer of FAKE PUNK (and others, for movie first but also for medias).

14 = 16 is our motto. Our group, BraMStOcKEr, is the main Punk comeback from 77 to confirm we are 40 years later. Our album project FAKE PUNK is a possibility to be commercial because we were previously a social band from France. In America, we have this ambition to be a part of the alternate culture like a new ‘AEROSMITH’ but more involved in the New Age of the 2010’s. ‘The BEATLES’ were not the band that could empower the 60’s to the Flower Power today. The House music is our program of rehabilitation, me Frederic VIDAL with Jessie ANDREWS who is a Porn Star but also a DJ. Here are the links to her Soundcloud account and the link to mine:
BrAmStOcKeR Twitter account:
1. FAKE PUNK concept.
The social content is important for the marketing and the packaging of a musical product like a band and a CD. The title FAKE PUNK is a good slogan that is the first part of a sentence including REAL PORN, another expression meaning also the contrary FAKE PORN, REAL PUNK. What is real, what is fake? We must be sure that teenage culture and adult entertainment are compatible. Our group BrAmStOcKeR is also executive producer of a film project FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN’ a thriller of Science Fiction, in pre-production with HOLLYWOOD (this saga for a movie franchise with merchandising, like a video game, started in 2006, more than 10 years ago). After this decade of organization of an Universe of literacy and cinema, this first motion picture is our next project after FAKE PUNK (probably with the actress Blake LIVELY).
2. HOUSE and PUNK together.
The present axiom is: To have the discotheques looking like a stadium for a reunion band. I believe in this target that is to play the best music for our fandom that can be massive thanks to our Web universe of Twitter but also Facebook and a WordPress blog. The counter culture is a reality we express thanks to our manager Mike FULLER (my nickname). He is the Shadow President, according to our knowledge and the writing of our stories for movies. In WASHINGTON, he’s the Biker of the old Route 66 to express our feeling of the American Dream, in a chaos of problems from the 2016 Presidential election.
From: https://youtu.be/ZtzqItQP5Oo
3. The album production.
To schedule the sessions of the recording of the 12 songs will be in a second time. We have first to prepare a demo of 2 songs that will be P.M.U.R.T.’ and ‘My song is like a Hamburger’. The 2 songs are already composed and the lyrics ready (like for the 10 other ones). Would you be available in May to be with us and already now to produce this first deal. We could release a first CD (1,000 copies) to diffuse in New York in the show biz and the underground environment of the House music and the Punk, nationwide too, to be sure we will sign for the distribution of the album with the best company on the market for us.
4. Your role in the band.
I could check on your website you are a House DJ and a producer but also a musician who played with ‘GUNS’ n ROSES’. We need you because we are looking for an indie producer of the album with our label TIMefraMES Records, a brand managed by the nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department). The Rock music and history did not want to welcome us until now in their ‘Wall of Fame’, wrongly, we were refused in France in 1977 but also the authorities were hostile a little, in France, in Great Britain and the United States. In 2017, the situation is not the same, we will prevail with our new lineup of two musicians, me and Jessie, Jessie and me, advised and produced by you, a producer and artist who knows what music needs.
End of the communique.

For A Q & R In Progress From Nashville And Los Angeles, On Twitter And Blip, Legendary BRAMSTOCKER Reply To The American Journalists Like If The Were In Tennessee In The 1950’s With Elvis At The RCA Victor Studio B.

December 19, 2015

For A Q & R In Progress From Nashville And Los Angeles, On Twitter And Blip, Legendary BRAMSTOCKER Reply To The American Journalists Like If The Were In Tennessee In The 1950’s With Elvis At The RCA Victor Studio B. On Twitter https://twitter.com/BRAMSTOCKER On Blip https://blip.fm /thebramstocker and a 2nd blog on WordPress http://thebramstocker.wordpress.com

Q: You are in the United States for a Tour nationwide until November 2016 connected to debut CD ‘PRESIDENT OF THE STATES’, rehearsals in Nashville?? Fred Kelly (frontman): no. We are in Nashville to network and play on Broadway for fun, to access Country Music. This is an important choice of ours.

Formidable songwritin effort last summer for the 12 songs of 'President of the States' then recording for vid.me, soon 20,000 views.

Formidable songwriting effort last summer for the 12 songs of ‘President of the States’ then recording for vid.me, soon 20,000 views.

Q: beginning was tough? They were not waiting for you? You a part of Pres campaign of alternate Mike Fuller. It’s revenge 77? Do you like ya 12 songs? Fred Kelly: these Nashville guys, they’re of this disabled America of nowaday (see Man from 25, my TV show). We have the cure: PUNK. I find them cute.

Q: so it’s finished Paris or your 4 years in Nice? Now, you are Midwest, before LA? Always criticizing you were not accepted in 77? What about Elvis? FK: this must have been Carter the most who didn’t want to see us in record stores. In France, Giscard was angry against the punk. I don’t know why?? FK: punk rock is soft music even with metal. It’s for a therapy. Audience needs it to relax. They destroyed our record deal. We criticize for today. Elvis was the King of Nashville before of the show biz and nation. He had this Memphis egyptian charisma ancient times. I was there with him. We left France for a while. There, No Fun too much, more than here. In Nice, we prepared our Bio: BRAMSTOCKER, FAIT DIVERS. We are Legendary, now with no BIZ. 

Q: you are still young, Fred, like the rest of the band 2nd lineup but what are you proposing to the USA: same old punk or folk, Wall Street in DC?? FK: yes, this song is emblematic. The Youtube and Vid.me demos (by the way, makes no sense 1,000 views on Vid and 20 views on Youtube!!!) are really grassroots and basically grunge and teen Americana old school. Back to the 60’s is my message, the band: back to the 50’s. We have no choice. The old man Obama is not at all a blues man but lot more a vintage banker crushing bad client ISIS and that’s it. No Hope, No change with him, same for TRUMP! 

From LA (Press) and Nashville (Legendary Bramstocker), Q&A won’t finish, permanent dialogue. FK: so, I told you. We were surprised of SWEET PORN hit.

FK & LB (Legendary BRAMSTOCKER): we were scheduling heavy rotations song #1 for juke boxes too and charts, of course, now we gonna be commercial!, for FK & LB: SILLY, NICE and PORN STAR. A touching ballad competitor of our friends Savage Garden’s Truely, Madly Deeply could have give a charming mood.  FK&LB: to the population. But we recorded 1st video demos in August 15, last Summer and no record deal as usual since 77 until now except Timeframes.


Let’s listen to it again, hoping she will be there, HER when we will be in LA orf anywhere where she is, alone and available if possible because LoVe.

Q: oh great, impressive, you explain well. Thank you. Otherwise, the project of your Yellow Submarine, guys, is now 15/16, correct? It’s about a movie in a film, or what else? FK: yes and no. It’s about a film in a movie. There is so much Droit de Cuissage in politics but also business administrations. The fact to make love is sacred, by the ancient times even, consequently, let’s have perfect relations man-woman. make love is sacred, by the ancient times even, consequently, let’s have perfect relations man-woman and I want to give the example in that movie that is a little/a lot also kind of documentary of my relationship with a woman from Hollywood. It’s like that and you will not change it, I’m also a novelist of my web and maybe it’s programming the reality. I think so basically but there is, there are resistance. You never mind. We will shoot this story that I describe in details this weekend on WordPress, for a very last article/post of my blog because Web is also like a drug (we need the upgrade version: Intervision) – laughs.

Q: Legendary B. is not yet famous US Mainstream but so much in maquis, when Discotheques? Is ‘I was made for living you’ upcoming, a K.I.S.S. 2 dance? FK: bad environment, it is known, can disturb, obviously. It has to be recomposed, perfectly, part by part. Anyway, it’s wrong & agressive. Let’s do it. 


Avril Lavigne – Complicated (Official Video) https://youtu.be/5NPBIwQyPWE via @YouTube On Youtube, Vid.me and Blip.fm, Legendary Bramstocker fame attracted Lavigne to rock and punk. FV


Q: do you recorded in Nashville your concert for a double live album demo to diffuse in LA? This is a new step before to sign a record deal, right?

Fred Kelly: yes. As a matter of fact, I was too pessimistic regarding a record deal. I think we will get it pretty soon but we are not in a hurry.

Q: for the live recording, do you play another way the songs of ‘President of the States’? I mean more Country because Nashville? Your Punk unplugged.

FK: yes. Basically, the songs are more Country Punk. For the Youtube demos of last Summer recorded in Nice, France, I was alone with my folk guitar.

FK: this time, it’s + a band that plays. We booked already in Jan a good Nashville rec studio, OCEAN WAY, 2 have 4 of the 12 songs very well produced.

Q: when will you be in Los Angeles? You’re not so much well known in this city. They have so many band, beginning by MOTLEY CRUE. You are legendary!!

FK: we are legendary for our 1977 showcase at the GOLF DROUOT in Paris, a CBGB upscale kind of club from the 1950’s rock’n roll. There, we were HUGE.

Q: you showed to the whole Paris that (city of) Nice Rock could be PUNK and then buzz you were future ROCK STARS. You made it Fred. What about a film?

FK: sure, I have too many movie projects with my Eventually TIMEFRAMES Hollywood LLC. I write a lot. I want, first, the avantgarde short film ’15/16′.

Q: when are you going to move to Los Angeles now, before or after Christmas? New Years Eve? Where? You have lot of fans on the Web, they want to know.

FK: before certainly. This month in Nashville was totally positive even with difficulties that are challenges. I do politics, I like polls deadlines.

Q: thank you Fred Kelly and Legendary BRAMSTOCKER. Yourf Eventually TIMMEFRAMES sounds good. Good organization on the Web, outside too, I’m sure. See.

Fred Kelly and Legendary BRAMSTOCKER: thank you for Eventually TIMEFRAMES. I created this LLC in 2005 to produce my dream, American of course. Cheers.

Legendary BRAMSTOCKER has 2 blogs: https://bramstocker.wordpress.com https://thebramstocker.wordpress.com Also, 15,000 views https://vid.me/bramstocker

Legendary BRAMSTOCKER frontman Fred Kelly is also moviemaker with his own blog http://fredvidal.wordpress.com and https://twitter.com/vidalfuller2016

In 2012, Legendary BRAMSTOCKER in Nice was there to play in native town, 77 headquarters of punk band, original songs of GOLF DROUOT. Now Nashville.

Legendary BRAMSTOCKER 2016: it will be to tour support candidacy alternate Mike Fuller, Anti Trump-Clinton, Green for GOP2 at Eventually TIMEFRAMES.




Weed, 4 letters like Punk, Legalization is a main subject of BRAMSTOCKER™ 2 songs FRONTLINE and BACKSTAGE with Porn background and LGBT. MF

August 14, 2014

Weed, 4 letters like Punk, Legalization is a main subject of BRAMSTOCKER™ 2 songs FRONTLINE and BACKSTAGE with Porn background and LGBT. MF

More on :


COMMUNIQUE de Frédéric Vidal

March 13, 2014


Je n’est pa pu dans les délais impartis déposer à la Préfecture des Alpes-Maritimes une liste pour l’élection municipale à Nice. J’en ai informé le Préfet en lui demandant une semaine supplémentaire qui se termine aujourd’hui jeudi 13 mars. En conséquence, je met en exergue les points suivants, en considérant qu’il y a une conspiration à l’encontre de la Démocratie à Nice :
1. J’accuse le Gouvernement de la République Française d’empêchement de me présenter aux élections et de censure politique à mon égard depuis l’obtention de mon diplôme de l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris en 1981 ainsi que les Etats-Unis d’Amérique dans la mesure où j’ai la double Nationalité Française et Américaine.
2. J’informerai dès demain la Justice ainsi que la Police Nationale de cette atteinte aux libertés publiques et aux droits de l’homme, dont je ne suis pas l’unique victime selon moi.
3.  Je propose à la population niçoise et à la communauté nationale un Rapport dénonçant le système électoraliste et clientéliste créé par Jacques Médecin dans les années 70 et qui s’est pérennisé jusqu’à aujourd’hui. C’est l’enjeu d’un retournement de l’opinion publique dont je suis le stratège et qui conduira l’opposition au Maire sortant, Christian Estrosi, à l’emporter au 3ème tour, celui de l’élection du Maire par le Conseil Municipal.
4. Je diffuse une volonté de coalition de l’opposition qui me conduit à maintenir ma candidature au poste de Maire de Nice. Pour ce faire, je demande à la liste menée par Christian Estrosi de prendre en compte l’injustice dont je fais l’objet de la part de l’Etat Français pour me permettre de siéger au Conseil Municipale. Je ferai parvenir un courrier aux niçois et aux niçoise à ce sujet avant le 23 mars.

Frédéric Vidal

BRAMSTOCKER™ supports Mitt Romney, for a Mike Fuller Journalistic Coverage.

July 30, 2012

I call you the Romney campaign tomorrow, July 30, to give them the link to my blog presentation of Mitt Romney articles about nice journalism for the Commonwealth and the Francophonie Countries, as the delusional Democratic Party is not attractive, the message is to have a Republican at the White House.

Frederic Vidal


Novel of a Campaign. Daily Coverage for The Press. Freelance First Class Journalism. Youtube – WordPress. Francophonie – Commonwealth. Télévision – Newspapers: network of 58.

Concrete Rock: The New Style Is Mixing Rock, Punk, Funk And Country Soul For A First Live Free Concert Showcasing 2 Talents Of The LA Pop Concrete Scene And Bramstocker! (Supporting The Operation Save Cahuenga Peak)

April 24, 2010

Concrete Rock: The New Style Is Mixing Rock, Punk, Funk And Country Soul For A First Live Free Concert Showcasing The Talents Of The LA Pop Concrete Scene And BRAMSTOCKER! (Supporting The Operation Save Cahuenga Peak)

Join Us This Sunday, April 25, from 8 to 10PM At RAINBOW Bar & Grill, 9015 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069, For A TIMEFRAMES Music Live Show To Raise The $12.5 million needed to protect Cahuenga Peak – home to Hollywood Sign – from Real Estate Development!
After protection, the Cahuenga Peak land (138 acres behind and to the left of the Hollywood Sign) would be added to Griffith Park and open to hikers and joggers as public open space. This program is supported by Los Angeles Councilmember Tom Labonge. We have until April 30, 2010 to raise about $1.5 million more in a very short time.
Donations To Save Cahuenga Park: Text the word LAND to the number 50555! When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your $5 gift To Save Cahuenga Peak with The Trust For Public Land and Its Partners.
Donations online: www.savehollywoodland.org
Contact: Fred Vidal, PhD, 323-519-8889
8PM: IZZI Nevermind,
9PM: KIM D. And The Killer Bees.

There’s a buzz around the Hollywood Sign, or at least just below it. “Kim D. and The Killer Bees” are a perfect example of what happens when artists, actors, musicians and techies, in tinsel town collaborate. The result is a very “now” slice of the Hollywood experience. Bluesy Hollywood? Ultra modern rock pop? Old time swing, jazz perhaps? All of these styles contribute to their sound. Kim D. has a strong, sultry voice. Her clever lyrics stir up feelings of lost loves by way of a warrior’s stance. It’s as if “The Pretenders” met “Cab Calloway”.


A New Talent In Town For FUNK already. More News soon!

Bramstocker was created in 1976, one year before the Punk British Wave that gave a new sense to the Rock music, worldwide. It is the same band with his founder Fred and now frontman that is in Los Angeles for a record deal to manage with the majors as the crisis of the music industry is still there. We need the band to perform more in California with a Drummer and a Bass Player. This Sunday, Fred Vidal, PhD will play his Hit on Youtube, The great HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT, composed by the Veteran Van Morrison. BRAMSTOCKER lead singer organizes this music mixer to promote the Cahuenga Peak reunited with Griffith Park. 

Concrete Rock, It’s What We Need! In A City That Deserves More Music From The City, BRAMSTOCKER Improves The Sounds Of The Streets With Other Bands To Develop A New Fashionable Music That Will Create The New Style We Need, A Concrete One!


Kim D And Her Killer Bees Give A New Emotion To Rock'n Roll, With A Special Touch of Guitars And A Voice That Is Perfect For A Concrete Production Of Melodies And Harmonies!

We Got 2 Weeks More To Save Cahuenga Peak Thanks To The Action Of Everybody In LA Including This Article That We Posted On April 10 With Nelson Piquet Jr. Invited To Promote The Operation Of Fundraising!


DRUGS = DEATH For The Ones Who Sale and The Ones Who Use Them! This is the Message Of The No Drug On Earth Commercial That TIMEFRAMES Prepares With The Punk Group BrAmStOcKeR!

April 15, 2010

DRUGS = DEATH For The Ones Who Sale and The Ones Who Use Them! This is the Message Of The No Drug On Earth Commercial That TIMEFRAMES Prepares With The Punk Group BrAmStOcKeR!

Text In Preparation!

Fred Vidal, PhD To Send To The Rotary Members Of His Club (LA5) His BRAMSTOCKER CD and To Ask The State For The Registration Of His House At The California Historical Landmark!

June 4, 2009

Fred Vidal, PhD To Send To The Rotary Members Of His Club (LA5) His BRAMSTOCKER CD and To Ask The State For The Registration Of His House At The California Historical Landmark!

BRAMSTOCKER's Soundtrack of The French Cop, For Sale at Amoeba on Sunset, Will be Offered to Every Member of His Rotary Club Of Los Angeles.

BRAMSTOCKER's Soundtrack of The French Cop, For Sale at Amoeba on Sunset, Will be Offered to Every Member of His Rotary Club Of Los Angeles.

UNUSUAL BABE, dedicated to Fred’s New Idol: Blake Likely, a new Legend In Hollywood

May 25, 2009

YouTube Communication tomorrow for MEMORIAL DAY.

Blake and Fred together on the credits of VELVET EYES, its the official target of the Hollywood Man.

Blake and Fred together on the credits of VELVET EYES, it's the official target of the Hollywood Man.

AMOEBA, the First and Best Music Store Where You Can Find BRAMSTOCKER CD UNUSUAL BABE, FRENCH COP Soundtrack!

May 24, 2009


BRAMSTOCKER, A First Album to destroy the 77 Myth that is a Lie!!

BRAMSTOCKER, A First Album to destroy the 77 Myth that is a Lie!!



AMOEBA, the First Music Store Where You Can Find BRAMSTOCKER CD UNUSUAL BABE, FRENCH COP Soundtrack!





February 15, 2009

With Four Music Videos On YOUTUBE, BRAMSTOCKER And Frontman Fred VIDAL, Create A Historic PACKAGE MultiMedia Before UNUSUAL BABE Release In APRIL!















UNUSUAL BABE: Top Single With Music Video FRENCH COP


IN THE END: A b-Side for a A-Song With Movie PARALLEL PEOPLE




L’HOMME QUI VENAIT D’HIER, Soundtrack Of The French Cop Movie
with Music Video Connected To SpinOff THE


BRAMSTOCKER on TWITTER!! Power Punk Offensive Media!!

February 13, 2009


BRAMSTOCKER On TWITTER Began TODAY, February 13!!!!!!!!!!

BRAMSTOCKER On TWITTER Began TODAY, February 13!!!!!!!!!!


Unusual BABE!!!




More News ASAP!

CyB Cyborg, Fred KELLY, Alex GeNeRaTiOn

May 27, 2011

Webgram News! http://ping.fm/hKxjA is the address of the new upcoming AMENDMENT site with Plenty of great information about the reality film construction synchronized with the VOTE of the amendment by the Congress, certainly next year! Let’s build it for Our MEMORIAL WEEKEND and day, Monday! http://ping.fm/ifXv0

May 27, 2011

To stop Afghanistan War, AMENDMENT: 9 letters like Hollywood! Our Soldiers will be back in 2013 or before TO SEE THE MOVIE and Vote!

May 27, 2011

FICTION IS ABOUT TO BE REALITY! After the great efficiency of yesterday AFI meeting, AMENDMENT almost ready for FOX SEARCHLIGHT with a new Website this morning!

May 27, 2011

The Amendment Dream: the American Film and Reality! The AFI meeting was a HIGH TECH masterpiece with the right actresses to support the US WOMEN leadership!

May 26, 2011

AMENDMENT: the meeting begins at 2 at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. After Cannes & before LA Film Fest, a presentation of the Political thriller!